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Luxury Pedicure Delivered At Your Feet It is unfortunate that we do not choose the conditions we work in. Some people work seated for a whole day while others are on their feet all day. By the evening, their feet cannot take it anymore. A foot spa is probably one of the greatest treatments you can give your tired feet, especially after a long day of walking around.


Your feet do not get as much attention as they should, so you must at least give them a good, regular hot soak. A foot soak alone is good, yes, but your new Hydrapedics foot-spa includes a lot more: temperature control & temperature maintenance, bubble massage, vibration massage and red light therapy, and of course the reflexology motorised rollers!


Key Benefits:

Super Relaxing - In each of our feet is an important point called the solar plexus point, which basically contains all your stress. When our rollers massage you they press on the solar plexus reflex, the stress stored in this little warehouse is released, alleviating anxiety and renewing the body. When the whole body is relaxed, you don't feel the anxiety, tension and other harmful effects of stress on the body. Improves


Blood Circulation - This is probably the most known foot-spa benefit scientifically reported. When your feet are under stress, the circulation of your blood tends to be impeded. Our foot-spa causes the release of tension formed around the tight muscles and tendons. This allows blood to flow and circulate smoothly to your other bodily organs and brain.


Revigorated & Refreshed Feet - Using our foot-spa, will leave you walking with soft, smooth and hydra-cleansed feet.Improves Sleep - Using our foot-spa before bed can relax your body from head to toe, leaving you falling asleep faster, feeling calmer and more relaxed.


Features you won't find in other foot spas: - Motorised Rollers - Powerful heating technology - Bubble aeration jets - Precise temperature control set (digitally!) - Ergonomical carry handle - Larger water capacity - 3 Pedicure attachments.   

Advanced Motorised Foot Spa Massager with Digital Control Panel

  • 230V ~50Hz


    Mains: EU Plug (EU to UK Power Adaptor Included) 

    Cord Length: 1.4M

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