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How Foot Care can Reduce Sport Injuries

Your feet are more important to you than you may know; and if you are anything like the majority,

you may take feet for granted at times.

But put it this way; if you were to hurt your feet or neglect them, will you be able to walk around, run,

stand, or move yourself around so well?

Of course not.

That’s why taking good care of your feet is vitally important. Good foot care, and taking care of your

feet can help you avoid a whole host of pain down the line.

As the foot experts at, we have worked closely with athletes and fitness enthusiasts

to understand how to look after two of the most important parts of your body.

Here are our three top tops to help you avoid the most common sporting injuries to your feet, and

how to ensure your feet are kept injury free:

Warm Up

Just like any other part of your body, your feet should be warmed up before any exercise. Running full

pace straight away from a standing position is not going to do the ligaments and bones in your feet

any favours at all.

Always warm up correctly starting your motions slowly and gaining pace as the blood starts to flow

and building up over time. Don’t be afraid to stretch and massage your feet either to encourage that

blood flow.

Choose Correct Footwear

Your feet are very important to you, and so ensure you invest in good quality athletic shoes that fit

your feet and support your foot arch, and allow for good cushioning and protection to your feet.

Sometimes the cheaper, and easier options can cause more damage to your feet in the long run.

Relax, and Look after your Feet.

This is a step that many people overlook, and yet should be the most important! Truly, when was the

last time you took the time to look after your feet, and invested in them? By taking care and looking

after your feet you can stop many injuries way before they happen.

Many athletes, both professional and amateur now invest in a good quality foot spa; just like the ones

available at Our foot spas not only are super-relaxing and work as a great massage

for the foot, but they also help to prevent injuries. By using these foot spas, you can stretch and

massage your foot which will not only help to prevent future injuries, but will also help to accelerate

the healing of existing ones.

Don’t forget; your feet are vitally important to ensure you can move around easily, and pain free. Be

sure to invest in them as best you can and take good care of your feet so that they too can look after


If you want to learn more about foot care, or want to learn some more tips on how you can look after

your feet, be sure to read our other blog posts and articles!

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