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  • What is a Foot Spa?
    A foot spa is essentially a tub of (preferably warm water) in which you soak your feet for sometime for health and or relaxation purposes. Bathing your feet in water has been used as a curative, as well as a simple hygiene ritual since the time of ancient Greeks BC. Yes, you could simply fill your bathtub, or bucket of water and immerse your feet in… but we’re guessing your patience wouldn’t last long when you’d have to wait for the water to cool down because it’s too hot or when you have to refill with warmer water when the water starts losing its heat. Alternatively, soaking your foot in a hot mineral spring, like the Roman soldiers did! But we’re taking a second guess that you rather just own your own portable Hydrapedics foot spa at home, the foot spa that not only you can set at your desired temperature but will remain consistent at that! Not forgetting the built in infrared/red light therapy to promote blood flow, water jets for bubble aeration, and motorised reflexology rollers for a deep tissue massage! We’re pretty sure if they were around, the ancient Greeks and Romans would be our most popular customers.
  • Does the foot spa keep the water warm?
    Absolutely. Not only can our foot spa be set at your desired, set temperature it will remain consistent for the duration of your usage.
  • Is the machine mains powered?
    Yes, our foot is is powered by a regular 13 amp UK standard plug which you simply plug into to your normal socket.
  • Does the foot massager have a handle?
    Yes, our foot spa has a very convenient and ergonomically designed carrying handle that eases transporting the machine when filled with water.
  • I can’t find the vibrate button, where is it?"
    The vibration functionality is incorporated with the ‘bubbles’ button. However, all other functions can be independently activated.
  • Are the pedicure attachments motorised too?
    No, they are for manual usage. Only the reflexology rollers are motorised and rotate automatically.
  • Does your foot massager have a draining pipe?
    No, but it does have a drain sprout to facilitate the emptying of water after usage.
  • Can it be used for dry massage?
    No, our foot spa must only be used with water. Use without water will cause permanent damage and will void the warranty of the foot spa.
  • Do the rollers move automatically?
    The Hydrapedics HP-MR1 is one of the few foot spa massagers that actually has built in motorised rollers which will rotate automatically, and thats where we’re different. You will not be disappointed.
  • How long is the power cord?
    1.4 meters.
  • Does it come with warranty?
    Yes, a 12 month warranty is included. If you have any issues at all, fill in the contact form or email us at
  • Do your foot spas come with warranty?
    Yes, a 12 month warranty is included. If you have any issues at all, fill in the contact form or email us at

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